10 Best Things to do In Milan

Milan is an ideal place for vacationers because they have heavily invested in preserving their culture, heritage and the most important thing is a good transportation system that will transport locals and tourists around Milan. Out of this world places to visit in Milan are all over the city and every corner is something to look forward to once you set foot into the city. The city has incurred great damages during the Second World War and manages to recover and experience huge economic development after that time.

1. Milan Cathedral


The Milan Cathedral takes almost 600 years to complete and is now a monumental building in entire Milan. It was built with Gothic style in mind and the main façade in front of the structure is stunning with lots of towers, decorations as well as statues. The best things to do in Milan are going to different historically inclined structures and a trip to Milan Cathedral will complete your itinerary. 

2. Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie


The structure was built using red bricks although the exterior design is not as grand as other churches because it has its charm. What you can see on the outside is not very important because the inside is what makes it a magnet for tourists. It is one of the many prominent Milan attractions compared to others because it is the home of the world-renowned masterpiece which is “The Last Supper” by the famous Leonardo da Vinci. Through the years the painting has been scrutinized by many experts as they believe that it has different hidden meanings.

3. Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele I


As the oldest shopping mall in the globe, the Grand Galleria looks like an elegant opera house inside that was built in 1877. The entire area is covered by glass panels making it very well lighted inside. As you think of what to do in Milan shopping should not be forgotten and this is the right place for you. Milan is also known as a fashion venue, so expect to see high-end stores like Luis Vuitton, Versace, and Prada are just some of the big names in the fashion industry.

4. Castello Sforzesco


The setting of the castle is way back 15th century that stands in the middle of the city of Milan with the large ground and an elegant garden. The design has been modified but manages to retain its old beauty and popularity. It is one of the many famous places to visit in Milan because of the huge brick wall in front of the castle surrounded by central guards. Aside from the main attraction which is the castle, inside are other interesting spots such as museums with collections of amazing artifacts. 

5. Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology


It is impossible not to know Da Vinci, he is far more than an artist because he is also a known inventor. It is worthy to dedicate a museum to honor all of his works and important scientific discoveries. One of the best things to do in Milan is to have a deeper understanding of his life. Aside from having all his works, the museum also gives important to vital discoveries that changed the world.

6. Piazza del Duomo


It is an open space for the public that showcase stunning architecture. As you tour Milan attractions then this is the best starting point because from here you will be able to witness other famous buildings and structures. In the middle of the huge square is the statue of Vittorio Emmanuel the very first king of Italy. You can also sit back and relax at one of the cafes around and witness the flock of locals and tourists go around the area.

7. La Scala Opera


Your list of what to do in Milan is incomplete without visiting the famous opera house that is situated on the northern side of Duomo. Inside, are guided tours but you should not miss watching a show as it will be a memorable one.

8. AC Milan San Siro Stadium


Premier sporting events are being done inside this world-class stadium that has been standing since 1926. With a seating capacity of 80,000 people is one of the largest in entire Europe. It has been an important venue for the World Cup 34 and 90. For many sports enthusiasts, the stadium is one of the most interesting places to visit in Milan.

9. Parco Sempione


It is a well-visited park in Milan because it is a public space with a garden that is just behind the famous Sforzesco Castle. The park is blessed with 95 acres of land area that houses the iconic arch of peace. You can find a perfect spot where you can do a picnic and bike around with your friends. 

10. Naviglio Grande


Milan has two important canals and what to do in Milan is related to this area. A walk through the canal can offer a fantastic experience with old houses lined and arrays restaurants and shops. This is a spot that is seldom listed as the best Milan attractions but worthy of your time.

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